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About ME

I’ve built Graphic juice on the foundation of my passion for beautiful design.

I love creating quality pieces that my clients adore.  It is immensely gratifying and truly satisfying to delve into a new project and create exactly what the client has envisioned, maybe even elevating the initial idea.

I work collaboratively with the client, listening and creating intentional, beautiful design.  There are likely to be tweaks and refinements before we get to the finished product, but we will get your project to where you are proud and excited to show it off.

Hi there


 Spending time with
friends & family

Often on the screen porch my husband, Nick, and I built.
It took us two years to finish, but is definitely one of my all time favorite spots.  Absolutely love sitting there reading a good book and listening to the birds chatter.


Nick, the kids and I love heading out on the river or lake, getting a good workout and enjoying nature.

Working on my
old house

A love/hate relationship as it is a never ending job taking care of it.  Thankfully, Nick is handy because there are always projects and maintenance.


We usually take one big family trip annually.  Some of the hightlights; Grand Canyon, New York City, South Dakota Badlands, Washington DC, Tybee Island, Boston, Madeline Island, and this year…we’re off to Colorado.



Cloud Cuckoo Land
-Anthony Doerr

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
-Taylor Jenkins Reid

Listening to

The White Album

It’s a classic!

Trying to

Eat healthier and get into a
regular workout routine, but still seem to 
need that dark chocolate!


Since 2011, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many passionate, business owners, non-profits, school districts, and solo acts.  Below is a look at some of my recent projects.  Simply click on the image to view each project in more detail.